Nevermind the Mastros, Here’s Tom Hazelrigg III

Tom Hazelrigg working out in his Bellevue PenthouseThe story of Mike and Linda Mastro is like a movie:  real estate magnate turned debtor in bankruptcy, turned fugitive on the lam (*Mastro has not been indicted, so it may be a stretch to call him a fugitive).  And things are just heating up.  Jim Rigby, trustee in the Mastro bankruptcy, along with two other creditors are forcing Tom Hazelrigg III into involuntary bankruptcy.  Hazelrigg is pictured left working out in his Bellevue penthouse condo (this is the only Hazelrigg picture we know of).  Hazelrigg allegedly owes Mike Mastro – and now Jim Rigby – millions.  It gets better: Hazelrigg moved to New Mexico (or claims he did anyway), and is seeking to dismiss the Washington-based bankruptcy based on improper venue.  Hazelrigg’s objection is here.  He also claims that he is medically incapable of leaving New Mexico.  (There is no sworn affidavit or declaration accompanying the medical bills he attaches to the declaration in support of his objection).  TEP has experience chasing after Tom Hazelrigg and can say this:  Nobody is better at hiding assets – and himself – than Tom Hazelrigg III.  Nobody.