Withdrawing from a Probate; Attorneys Fees Lien

The question posed this morning on the Oregon Bar Association’s estate and probate listserv was this:

(1) Does anyone who’s had to withdraw on a Washington probate have pleadings for that purpose they can share?  Anything unusual I should be aware of?

(2) Is there some way I can attempt to protect my fees and costs, such as liening the case?

First, here are examples in a case, filed in Pierce County Washington. TEP just obtained these from the court’s website.  TEP is not affiliated with the case, so it takes no ownership/responsibility for their correctness. Withdrawal with Substitution here; Withdrawal without Substition here; Lien Claim here; another Lien claim here.

Second, the applicable rule is CR 71.  Pay particular attention to the service requirements and timelines in CR 71, and also in CR 5 and 6 (when mail service is made/had).

Third.  As for a lien for attorneys’ fees, see the links above.

This post will self destruct in 2 days.

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